Darryl Collet

Darryl Collett

“Practicing a moving meditation, teaching us how to let go of both concious and unconcious tensions and returning us to ourselves”

Darryl Collett first started practicing martial arts in 1986 and has been actively teaching since 2002. He formed the Energy Works Academy in 2015 to promote alternative healing arts and sciences with a strong emphasis on transparency, practicality and being results-based and evidence-driven. He helps people free themselves from their unconcious limitations via the practice of Chi Kung, an energy based approach to meditation. He now lives in Scotland and likes walking in the mountains while being rained on.

“I first started my training with martial arts when I was 13 and I loved it. I wanted to learn how to fight, to protect myself, to be cool. One of my first instructors taught me that there was a lot more to these arts than just that, so as I travelled I kept looking for teachers who could guide me and educate me. I became deeply curious about the philosophy and history of each art, in the meaning and purpose as well as in their individual applications. I started travelling around Europe and Asia, seeking out great instructors and the most practical philosophies. My focus changed towards emphasizing long term development over short term benefits.
As I progressed, I got a lot more interested in the energetic healing arts, although I found a lot of them to be vague and insubstantial. I started practicing Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung and I loved it’s practicality and it’s depth, the sheer range of what was possible. I wanted to learn more. I found a great instructor of these arts and I learned from him for 14 years. During this time, my emphasis shifted again and now placed a persons health as the top priority – not just the physical, but their mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.
Now I teach to heal the body and heart and mind so that we are free to do whatever we want to do – spiritual practice, sports, expressing our creativity, enjoying our family – whatever we want. And I love it”.